Princess Anna of Arendelle
Oh, hey there, it's Anna! Not that you're Anna...I'm Anna...
Anywho! I'm Princess of Arendelle and I like chocolate, romance and building snowmen! My big sister Elsa makes the best ones. Have you met my boyfriend Kristoff? He's pretty strong, huh! I can't wait for you to meet everyone! You may even meet...the one!
Anna in Neverland
A chance to change my lonely world.


The “Hans Swagger”

For the first time in forever I’m getting what I’m dreaming of (x)

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In the depth of winter, I finally learned that within me there lay an invincible summer.

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We would like… your blessing… of… our marriage!

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Do the magic!

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anna interacting with the paintings

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Princess Anna of Arendelle

Elsa | Kristoff | Hans


Those HD freckles o,.o


Those HD freckles o,.o

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