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So the idea is this:

  • You like/reblog this post (reblogs preferable so as many people as possible can see it!).
  • The deadline for reblogging is 1st November 2014, at midnight.
  • I’ll choose a name/url for you and will send you this in a message before 22nd November - make sure you have your asks turned on so that you can receive them!
  • You send nice anonymous messages to this person throughout December.
  • You receive nice anonymous messages from your Secret Santa throughout December.
  • On Christmas Day you can reveal who you are, if you so wish.

Christmas can be a difficult time, with food and family and the general stress of everything, so I thought this might be a nice little project for us. There’s no pressure to follow me. It’d be lovely if you do since I’ll be putting quite a lot of time and effort into this project but there is honestly no pressure. I don’t know if this has been done before. It probably has but I don’t think that there is a limit on sending/receiving nice messages!

Happy reblogging!

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kristanna kiss (ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*:・゚✧

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Not putting this under a read more because you need to see it.
I will NEVER understand it when someone with the same muse as you sends hate,
writes negative things indirectly aimed at you, and overall just gets hostile.
While it is understandable that people get insecure about portrayals
and who has the nicest theme/icons/posts blah blah  
why can’t people of the same muse just think:

"Yeah cool ! they write them differently, wow awh yeah sweet u go wonderful person!"

you don’t even have to follow each other or interact
but stop being so hostile and negative, we are all here to have fun
well all choose our characters for our own reasons

                                            lets celebrate that

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This blog is undergoing revamping!

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Anna + Looking Beautiful
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Cause for the first time in forever,  Oh I’m such a fool, I can’t be free!    
You don’t have to be afraid, No escape from the storm inside of me! 
We can work this out together, I can’t control the curse!                          

We’ll reverse the storm you’ve made, Anna, please, you’ll only make it worse!

Don’t panic, There’s so much fear!

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Anna’s tiny hip shake while dancing requested by rawr-its-michelle

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Anna’s stare at the people she loves.

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Appreciation Post: The skirt of Anna’s ball dress

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